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The Party

Keiyo Averine | 17 | Human

Occupation: Former Student

Keiyo just graduated from school, and is a martial artist. He lost his voice several years ago.
He comes from a family of warriors with a reputation to uphold.


Sasuki Hichiro | 17 | Human

Occupation: Former student

Sasuki just graduated from school, and is Keiyo's best friend. She's a little bit loud and very talkative.
She was raised by her grandparents in the next city over, but aside from that has never travelled anywhere.
























The Opposing Party









Other Characters

Gran | 60 | Human

Occupation: Teacher (retired)

Sasuki's paternal grandmother. Very friendly and good-natured but slightly oblivious to most things.
Likes talking just as much as her granddaughter does. 




Pa | 62 | Human

Occupation: Teacher (retired)

Sasuki's paternal grandfather. Bad with words, and tends to get grumpy when he's worried about something.
He's always worried about something. 



Mia Kobayashi | 18 | Human

Occupation: Dojo manager

Sasuki and Keiyo's childhood friend. She doesn't appear much in this story.
She inherited her father's dojo, where she and Keiyo have been training since they were young.