~*Content Warning*~
Though no warnings currently apply, this comic will contain some themes of emotional abuse and occasionally fantasy violence (I will try to give warning as they come up). However, in general this story is intended to be as friendly to most audiences as possible. 

About the Story

Road to Kerridon is a fantasy webcomic about friendship, magic shenanigans, and adventure! Plus the occasional Dragon. 

(The spoilery version:)
Keiyo, a martial artist, and his best friend Sasuki set out in search of a powerful mage that might be able to restore Keiyo's voice. Meanwhile, strange earthquakes and floods are causing destruction throughout the land...

(This description will be updated as the story goes along!)

About the World

The country of Gondale is a modernized, highly magical land characterized by centres of knowledge and technology in the flatlands of the west, and prestigious magical research amid the crazy geography of the east. It is inhabited by several races, among which humans, Foxes, Lizards, and Dragons are the most common and widespread.

(This description will be updated as the story goes along!)

About the Author

Hello! I'm your local tea dragon. I study sciences at college and then spend all my free time doing art and writing. I speak too many languages, usually all at the same time (with mixed results).

I live in a snowy place, and as consequence am always cold. Always.

Special Thanks

To iTry, my partner in memes and first beta reader,

To Noelle and Sarah, my other beta readers,

To rufiangel, my comic-senpai who has encouraged and advised me from the start,

To Mariana D., who made the title banner for this comic,

To LainaInverse, my other partner in memes, and generous provider of sketchbooks,

And to the readers! :D