Comic 35 - Going over the plan
14th Feb 2019, 1:21 PM in Chapter One
Going over the plan
Author Notes:
The Accidental Ninja edit delete
The Accidental Ninja
Sounds like they've got a real solid plan there, super detailed, yep... *cough*

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope your week is good :D ((I'm so tired, I just wanna sleep...))

Also, feel free to post comments, guys! It gets kinda quiet over here sometimes...
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User comments:
Slim Kittens edit delete reply
Slim Kittens
Sasuki is a natural-born boss.
LainaInverse edit delete reply
I failed to pay attention to the map XD "Here be nothing at all" is vaguely ominous and threatening, and also hilarious.
DLKmusic edit delete reply
Like you, I focused way too much on the map... Here be Red Dragons, Here be Blue Dragons, and Here Be White Dragons.

I wonder if there is a picket line somewhere where there be protesting Misplaced Green and Black Dragons!
megados edit delete reply
So now I get fixated with questions like "If they travel south to 'Where there be nothing at all'", does that mean they walk into a big vacuum? XD (for science, of course)
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